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Customer Quilts -- Photo Albums!

Click the small image on the left to open each of these photos albums, they will open in a separate window. When you are done looking though the pictures just close the window or tab, and you will still have this page open. Enjoy!

No, this page is not that creative, I don't have time to make this site really creative, surf, play golf and quilt!


Quilter's Name
I intend to add  information about the quilters and the quilts they have made at a later date. I am truly sorry that I did not have the time to included the name of quilt pattern and designer, YET!. 
I will provide that information later...  If you need to know anything about these quilts you can email me.
Annette Ossenkop


Chuck and Kathy Bruce (Bruce's Sew Handy)  Local store, great place, best place to buy sewing machines and vacuum cleaners and more! The best customer service EVER!!! 
New Pictures: Posted 10/6/07
Claire Samuelson -- "Cars" quilt, made for her little brother!
Diana Rodriguez
Diane Matthews
Ellen Nielsen
Hazel Roberts
Heidi Sandkule
Jean Post
Joyce La Merrill
Julia Smith
Maggie Larson
Nan Fitch
New Pictures: Posted 10/6/07
Patty Palmer
Robin West.  Our Santa Cruz fabric connection and special friend.  Robin is wonderful, and if you down by coast you must go see her store! The coolest collection of fabrics around. Round Robin Fabrics.  She has introduced me to most of my best customers!  Thanks Robin!!!!
New Pictures: Posted 10/6/07
Rosemarie Davis
Sally Walker
New Pictures: Posted 10/6/07
Sierra Pines Church Quilt Club!

Special and Practice Quilts
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My First Quilt ever!  (I painted the wave and quilted and bound this little thing the day after we got our APQS millennium...
New Pictures: Posted 10/6/07
Our Quilt Studio in the Loft and the APQS Millennium
Something I call micro-feathers. (That's a bobbin in the corner!)
Special Quilt for my Mom and Dad's 50th!!!
Special Quilt Kelly made for the ESL students to sign for a teacher that was leaving.
Other quilts Kelly has made. (Before we got our quilting machine!)

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